Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Atlona DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter AT-DP400 - Review

David Weeks
Wednesday, 03/31/10

Atlona (Dual Link) DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter (USB-Powered) AT-DP400
Company: Atlona

Price: $199 US

When Apple introduced the 24" Cinema Display, it did not include the very common DVI input, and instead replaced it with Mini DisplayPort. This apparently inexplicable decision caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Macintosh community, as many potential purchasers for Cinema Displays don't have Mini DisplayPort-capable computers.

If you're not up to speed on Mini DisplayPort, Macworld has a great primer on Mini DisplayPort.MyMac Review of Atlona

As of this writing (3/26/2010) all Macintoshes have Mini DisplayPort-out monitor connectors. But if your Mac is older than late-2008, it does not have a Mini DisplayPort output, and so can't drive the new Cinema Displays.

What's a geek to do when she or he craves a 24" Cinema Display, but their Mac is just a bit too long in the tooth? For that matter, what if you want a Cinema Display for your DVI-equipped PC? Atlona has introduced the Atlona (Dual Link) DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter (USB-Powered).

The Weeks Division of MyMac Labs has been using it with a 24" Cinema Display for the past several days, and has good things to say about it:

I plugged it in to my Mac Pro's DVI connector, and restarted my Mac Pro. The monitor looked just the same as it did when connected to the Mini DisplayPort connector. It just works. read more...




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