Thursday, July 22, 2010

Atlona Technologies announces 3D support for their popular HDMI video switching products.

Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video Accessories, announces 3D support for their most popular HDMI Switchers

Atlona Technologies has led many advances in connectivity equipment for some time now, incorporating the latest cutting edge technologies into their products. Always on point wit h the latest needs and demands, Atlona has not let the continuously growing fascination for 3D technology pass them by. Atlona, being a connectivity solutions manufacturer, announces 3D support across many of their product categories including their robust line of HDMI video switchers. Atlona’s line of 3D capable HDMI switches are available in a variety of formats including mirrored and matrix switches, and are the perfect video routing solution for home and commercial integrators where 3D Capability is desired. As 3D HDTV’s become more common place in consumer and commercial environments, Atlona Technologies is prepared to provide all the video routing and conversion needs for users in any market. Atlona’s comprehensive line of digital video switching and routing solutions offer users from every market the ability to not only switch video signals, but oftentimes route video at distances exceeding that of straight cable. With support for 3D signal types including field alternative, frame alternative, line alternative, side-by-side half, side-by-side full, L + depth, L + depth + graphics + graphics depth, Atlona’s switches are compatible with every new 3D display on the market. These switcher units are perfect for any application where multiple HDMI monitors and sources are required to display 3D content.

Atlona’s 3D compatible switches included:

AT-HAD-V31 - 3x1 HDMI Auto Switch with 6ft HDMI Cable Pigtail

AT-HDMI-V31 – Atlona 3X1 HDMI Switch V1.3

AT-HDMI-V41 - Atlona 4X1 HDMI Switch V1.3

AT-HD41D - Atlona 4:1 HDMI 1.3 Switch with Digital Audio

AT-HDMI-V42 - Atlona 4X2 HDMI Switch V1.3

AT-HD600 - Atlona Video Switcher with HDMI Output

AT-HD-V81- 8x1 Atlona HDMI 1.3 Switch

AT-HD-V216 - Atlona 2x16 HDMI Switch/Distribution Amplifier (1.3)

AT-HD-V22M - Atlona 2x2 HDMI matrix Switch HDMI 1.3

AT-HD-V24M - Atlona 2x4 HDMI matrix Switch HDMI 1.3

AT-HD-V42M - Atlona 4x2 HDMI matrix Switch HDMI 1.3

AT-HD-V44M - Atlona 4x4 HDMI matrix Switch HDMI 1.3

AT-PROHD48M-SR - Atlona 4x8:2 HDMI Matrix Switch with CAT5/6 and local HDMI outs

AT-HD-V88M - Atlona 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch (HDMI 1.3)

AT-HD88M-SR - Atlona 8x8 HDMI (1.3) Cat5/6 matrix switcher

AT-PROHD88M-SR - Atlona 8x8 HDMI (1.3) Cat5/6 matrix switcher

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